Institutional Development & Strengthening Projects


The World Bank Supported UPSRP II presently under implementation contains a program to enhance the PWD Capacity to take up bigger challenges in the infrastructure development in the State. It is envisioned that the UP PWD should be capable of developing and managing a top quality road network in the State. Institutional Development of UP PWD is an integral component of the UPSRP. The Institutional Development Study (IDS) of the UP road sector carried out by TCE made several recommendations for Institutional strengthening and capacity enhancement of the PWD. Major IDS recommendations were endorsed by Government of UP in September 2001 and the resultant Institutional Development and Strengthening Plan (IDSP) is now taken up for implementation with the assistance from the TA Consultants.


Serial No Module Name No Of Reports View
1 Institutional, Policy, and Funding Arrangements 10
2 U P P W D Reorganizations 2
3 U P P W D Reorganizations 3
4 U P P W D Contract Procurement and Management. 3
5 HR Development 9
6 U P P W D Financial Management 5
7 Road Network (G1) and Data Management (G2) 8
8 U P P W D Planning, Programming, and Budgeting 5
9 Road Maintenance Management and Quality Management. 6
10 Road Safety 4
Total No Of Reports 54

TCE Final Report